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June News and Specials


Mountain Man Facial on Special

Celebrate hardworking dads and grads this month with a Mountain Man facial. Men need to take care of their skin too! This treatment is designed to smooth and nourish rough and weather-worn skin. It includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, relaxing facial massage, and mask to reveal a fresher complexion.

Introducing Lash Lifts!

Introducting Lash Lifts - upgrade your look with your own natural lashes! A Lash Lift will make your lashes appear darker, fuller and more visible without the high cost and maintenance of traditional lash extensions. Results are even more dramatic when combined with a lash tint, and last for 6 to 9 weeks!

Nano Infusion Facials

Nano Infusion is a non-invasive and effective skin treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Nano Infusion enhances product absorption, softens fine lines and improves hydration and skin tone. This treatment is followed up by a soothing Norway Mask. Best results are seen after a series of treatments every four weeks.

75 min - $135

Best results with a Series of 4 - $489 (10% savings)


Spa Services

We offer therapeutic massages, professional skin care, and waxing services in a serene, cozy environment. Our therapists are some of the best in the business, and are ready to help you achieve your relaxation and treatment goals.


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Rewards for Our Regulars

We know you have a choice when deciding who to trust with your massage and skin care needs. Here are some ways we try to make life a little sweeter for you at Mountain Sun.




"Great escape right in the Kirkland neighborhood.  All the staff is super friendly and down to earth. You feel like you are being pampered by friends.  I have been to many different spas and love this one!  The decor is beautiful and peaceful and really makes you feel like you are in a different world.  I have seen a real positive change in my complexion since going to monthly facials...Don't let the location fool you, this spa is top notch without the overpriced price tag!"

-N.L. Issaquah, WA


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