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Customized bliss and delivered results - that’s what I wanted and that’s what I got. I’m not into cookie cutter experiences. I can go to any of the chain spas for that. I wanted something that was tailored to me, an experience where the person delivering the treatments not only had the expertise, but cared about me
— Sylvia T,
I’ve had a lot of massages over the years...but I’ve been back now three times since because the overall experience/staff/quality is outstanding and exactly what a third trimester pregnant mom deserves! My poor husband didn’t know what he was getting me addicted to ;) Love this place!
— Rebecca R,
I have been going to Mountain Sun and enjoying its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for years...the atmosphere finds the perfect balance of “nice” without making us guys feel like we wandered into the wrong place. The original art on the walls adds class and a warm personal touch to the atmosphere. Its easy to see why Mountain Sun has become one of MY main “luxuries” in life. Good energy and good healing there.
— Thom I,