• What do I need to know about online booking?

Online booking is a great way to schedule an appointment with us. We are therapist owned and run, and we don't have a dedicated receptionist. To avoid phone tag, or if you are craving a massage or facial at 2 in the morning, just click on our online booking link here. Please note that we may call you after you book to slightly shift your start time. This is to maximize scheduling efficiency for our therapists. Spa packages cannot be booked online. Please call or email us to schedule, or book the services you want individually. We will take the 10% discount at checkout.

For first time massage clients, the Signature massage is a good place to start. If this is your first facial with us, please book our European or Ultimate European facial so we can discuss your skin care goals and design the perfect treatment for you. You can talk with your esthetician if you are interested in an upgrade like microdermabrasion, a peel, or a variety of other add-ons.

  • Do you work with insurance?

We are currently accepting new insurance patients on a wait list basis. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, we accept insurance for medical massage. Please visit our Using Insurance page.

  • Do you accept SpaFinder gift certificates/cards?

Yes, we do. The entire face value of the SpaFinder must be used in one visit. You can redeem the SpaFinder for services, gratuity, and product but NOT toward medical massage copays or to purchase Mountain Sun gift certificates. If you would like to give someone a gift certificate that can be used over multiple visits, please purchase a Mountain Sun gift certificate here. You are welcome to use SpaFinder gift cards with our Spa Packages, but you will be charged the full retail value of the services instead of the discounted package price. This is because of the commission SpaFinder charges us to accept their gift cards.

  • What should I wear during my massage?

Removing everything is the optimal way to receive a massage -- especially if you want relief in the lower back or hips. Some treatment techniques, including myofascial, require skin-on-skin for maximum effect. Our therapists will professionally drape you with a sheet and only uncover the area being worked on. You’ll have the massage room to yourself to change and prepare for the session, so you'll have plenty of privacy. That said, your comfort is our goal. If you feel more comfortable leaving underwear on, that is fine too. Thai Yoga Massage is done fully clothed -- please wear or bring loose comfortable clothing, similar to what you would wear at yoga or the gym.

  • What should I wear during my facial?

Just as for a massage, you will have time to privately undress and slip onto our heated table under sheets and blankets. You are welcome to change into a spa wrap before getting on the table, although many of our clients dispense with the additional bulk. Our esthetician will protect your hair with a terry cloth headband during your treatment (although you will probably notice your hair will be shiny and slightly mussed after a facial).

  • Should I remove my make up before a facial? Can I reapply make up & fix my hair afterwards?

Yes, please arrive without eye make up if possible.  We have excellent eye make up remover in our powder room at the spa for your use.  You are welcome to use the mirror in the powder room to reapply eye make up and fix your hair after your facial - it has excellent lighting!

  • How often should I get a facial?

It depends on your goals, budget, and skin type. Learn more here.

  • Will my face be all red and irritated after my facial?

Inflammation is the number one cause of aging in the cells of our skin.  To support a philosophy of calm, soothing repair, our estheticians use gentle yet effective techniques to achieve your skin care goals.  Sometimes extracting clogged pores can leave the skin tender but this is done early in the facial followed by skin soothing products and protocols.  Sometimes, skin reacts with redness and tenderness after your get home, despite all efforts to keep it calm.  We are always available for follow up skin care tips and advice.