There are many contributors to Acne:

  1. Sebum (Oil)

  2. Hormones

  3. Hyperkeratinization (excess surface skin)

  4. Comedones

  5. Microbes

  6. Enzymes

  7. Immune Response and Inflammation

  8. Weak pore walls

True or False:  All acne is the result of clogged pores; keep your skin squeaky clean and your acne will go away.   This statement is FALSE There are 8 separate biological factors that result in acneic skin and you do not need all 8 to have acne.

Acne falls into two broad categories: 

1. Acne Vulgaris is the type of acne which results from clogged pores, excess oil and genetic factors that conspire to create an inflamed environment. 

2. Stress Acne is not usually associated with clogged pores.  Those suffering from Stress Acne have trigger-happy immune systems that freak out at the tiniest provocation. (read more here)

There is a third type of Acne that is associated with a skin disorder called Rosacea.  Rosacea Acne and Stress Acne are very similar but the rosacea adds another layer of concern when choosing a facial treatment and home care ingredients.

There is no known cure for acne or rosacea. 

These conditions need to be managed and sometimes it takes a while to find the right course of treatment for each individual. I strongly suggest to all my clients that they seek the advice of an acupuncturist and/or naturopathic physician to address chronic inflammation.  Most likely, if you see it on the skin, the inflammation is systemic throughout the entire body.

Every Mountain Sun facial involves deep cleansing, some form of exfoliation, treatment with high powered serums, treatment with different modalities such as LED light therapy, microcurrent, ultrasound or steam, and finishing products for further long term benefits topped off with moisturizer and sunscreen.

An acne-focused facial incorporates the above elements although the two types of acne are very different in the way they are treated.  They come from completely different sets of circumstances, so the first task is to figure out which type of acne you have.  It is never cut and dry; there are always individual differences that cause variations in treatment therapy. 

Another factor which determines facial treatment is the clients' wishes.  I find my high powered serums to be extremely effective for immediate relief and long term improvement. Although sourced from natural botanicals, these serums are engineered in a laboratory for purity, consistency and effective penetration. I have several clients whose medical needs and personal philosophy do not allow for engineered molecules. For those clients I stick with organic products combined with LED light therapy to bring relief.  It is a tricky process and again, it takes a while to learn how each individual will respond to different ingredients.

By far, the most effective tool I have in treating inflamed skin is LED light therapy.  LED light therapy combats acne on many levels: 1) it calms the inflammatory response of the body, 2) it kills acne bacteria deep in the pore with blue light and 3) it combats hyperpigmentation and calms the skin with green light.  When the skin is in repair mode, yellow light will increase circulation and red light is deeply energizing to stimulate the creation of new, healthy skin.

All of the treatment protocols used at Mountain Sun are effective when used in conjunction with both traditional and alternative medical treatments.  We are not doctors and cannot dispense medical advice.  But we can educate you about what is going on with your skin, how your current medical treatment is combating the situation and what you can do in the facial treatment room and at home to augment and speed up the process.

The first step is signing up for a new client facial.  Designed for the first-time client, this facial includes plenty of time to discuss your goals for your skin, as well as a thorough analysis of your current skin type and conditions, followed by a 75 minute customized facial.  From there, we will discuss treatment options that fit your time, budget and personal skin care philosophy.