Mountain Sun Skin Therapy - Cleansers, Exfoliators and Masks

Gentle foaming plant saponins, lipid-rich plant oils and energizing plant extracts take the place of traditional soap, sulfates and mineral oil found in other cleansers to give you a refreshingly clean experience.  Soothing masks treat all skin types with ultra-claming Sea Whip, soothing and purifying Chinese Licorice and oil absorbing zinc and sulphur.

*no parabens, no sulfates, no formaldehyde forming ingredients, no fragrance*

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Botanical Cleansing Oil

Skin Types and Conditions:  All Skin Types; Dry, Dehydrated, Oily, Mature, Sensitive

Apply a pea size of this soothing oil blend and massage into dry skin and around eyes.  Moisten your hands and massage for an additional 30-60 seconds until it turns to a white milky emulsion.  Wipe off with a damp washcloth. This great cleanser easilyremoves water-proof mascara, make-up, and impurities.    ($25   4 ounces)

Essential Vitamin Cleanser with A, C, E, and evening primrose oil

Skin Types and Conditions:  Normal to Very Dry, Eczema, Undernourished

Non-soap cleanser delicately speeds away daily makeup and impurities while oils of Soy, Avocado and Evening Primrose help maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Leaves your skin remarkably clean,fresh and comfortable.     ($20   4.5 ounces)

Daily Cleansing Gel with vitamin B and allantoin

Skin Types and Conditions:  Very Dry, Slightly Dry, Dehydrated Skin

Richly foaming, soap-free gel helps hydrate dry, dehydrated skin while Panthenol (a form of Vitamin B) and Allantoin soothe as they protect from moisture loss. Dirt, facial makeup and dulling dead cells are rinsed from the skin’s surface with rich, gentle cleansers.      ($20   4.5 ounces)

Skin Renewing Cleanser with mild exfoliating fruit acids

Skin Types and Conditions:  All types especially Combo, not recommended for Very Dry Skin

A blend of three fruit acids – Lactic, Citric, and Tartaric Fruit – in a gently foaming, deep cleansing base. Hydratinjg Algae Peptides and calming Kola, Matte and Guarana extracts protect skin from dehydration and irritation during the cleansing process.      ($20   4.5 ounces)

Purifying Botanical Cleanser with yucca, tea tree & willowbark

Skin Types and Conditions:  For Oily, Acne-Prone and Rosacea Prone Skin

This gentle, sulfate-free cleanser has a uniquely thin consistency, allowing it to slip effortlessly beneath plugs blocking pores. Pores stay clean down deep – where problems begin natural salicylic acid from Willowbark , plus foaming saponins from Yucca and other mild, naturally-derived cleansing agents dissolve surface oils and other debris on contact. A patented blend of the most active fractions of Australian and New Zealand Tea Tree oils works quickly to balance hostile flora deep within pores without causing irritation or redness.  This purifying cleaner leaves the skin supple and hydrated.      ($20   4.5 ounces)

Pore-Purifying Astringent

Skin Types and Conditions:  For Acne-Prone Skin

Exfoliating astringent helps dry blemishes without drying skin. Purifying Tea tree, Sage, Thyme and Eucalyptus work within pores to manage oiliness while low-dose Saliyclic Acid helps skin stay clear and healthy-looking, so breakouts are less likely.      ($20   4.5 ounces)

Radiance Boost Exfoliating Freshener

Skin Types and Conditions:  All skin types

Use this AHA/BHA light exfoliating toner to refresh and revive natural radiance.  This freshener is great for resistant skin that seems to take forever for product to penetrate to the lower levels of the skin.       ($20   4.5 ounces)

BHA Enzyme Surface Exfoliator

Skin Types and Conditions:  All pigmented skin, also for acne prone and congested skin

Use this gentle exfoliator to lift away unwanted pigmentation and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Contains a triplet of exfoliators including BHA, pommegranate and pumkin enzymes in a naturally exfoliating base of algin and locust bean gum.      ($24   2 ounces)

B3 Enzyme Exfoliating Creme

Skin Types and Conditions:  All skin types, pigmented skin, sensitive skin

This gentle, creamy, smooth, non-granular exfoliant combines the natural double exfoliating fruit enzyme action of Papaya and Pineapple to gently smooth, refine, brighten and clarify the complexion. Infuses a potent, yet soothing form of Vitamin B3/Niacinamide for a softer, brighter, more luminous complexion     ($28   2 ounces)


Comfort Recovery Gel Mask - calm and hydrate your skin

Skin Types and Conditions:  All skin types, oily to dry, dehydrated, sensitive

Deliver comforting moisture and repair-support to any skin type with this instantly cooling high potency blend of hydrating panthenol, calming allantoin and ultra-soothing sea whip($35   2 ounces)

Therapeutic Gel Mask - purify and soothe your skin

Skin Types and Conditions: Acne Prone, Rosacea Prone, Red, Stressed, Irritated, Dehydrated.  May also be used as a spot treatment for blemishes or gentle overnight exfoliation under moisturizer.

This ingredient rich formulation includes Chinese Licorice for powerful calming relief, Meadowsweet to calm and purify, 4-Terpineol- a purified form of Tea Tree Oils, Trehalose, Allantoin and Sodium Hyaluronate for deep hydration, and time-released exfoliation for safe and effective results.                 ($40   2 ounces)

Zinc and Sulphur Mask

Skin Types and Conditions: Acne Prone, Oily and Congested Skin

Skin with visible imperfections will find fast relief from soothing, pore-purifying zinc oxide and eucalyptus essential oils, oil-reducing Zinc PCA, and shine-reducing sulphur with astringent witch hazel.  ($24   2 ounces)