Luminous Summer Skin


Here in the Puget Sound, we are all craving luscious ambient warmth and dry weather. We ask that the weather gods grants us 85 degrees and no rain every weekend so we can hike, sail, barbeque, climb, swim, run and play!  We love to get out and enjoy the beauty the surrounds us.

All these activities are fine and dandy - they make life fun and interesting. But your skin is going to take a beating! A little skin r and r in the evenings will keep you looking and feeling great all season.

Start with a deep cleansing, hydrating facial to begin with a luminous glow. Of course wearing sunscreen  to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays is a must.  1/2 Teaspoon of Solar Defender SPF 30 every morning will protect you all day if you are in the office, but remember to reapply every few hours when you are outside playing, especially after water sports. (That’s 1/2 tsp for the face and neck to get the full SPF indicated on the bottle.  Measure it sometime to see if you are getting the full protection)  

7 Solutions that Combat Dehydration and Overexposure

Problem: Dry, Dull Skin Body Skin

Solution #1: In the shower use mild body cleanser and exfoliating gloves restore the glow two to three times a week.

Problem:  Dry, Dull Skin Facial Skin

Solution #2: To gently lift unwanted pigmentation, dead surface cells and oxidized oil from skin’s surface use BHA/Enzyme Surface Peel one to two times a week depending on your skin type. (Rosacea skin 1x/wk max)

Solution #3: Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.  The better your body functions, the happier your skin will be!

Solution #4: Apply products that add water to the skin.  Oil Free Hydrating Fluid is a must-have product in my daily skin care routing.  This light, sheer surface-refining fluid sends water-filled MoistureZomes deep into skin, farther than water can penetrate on its own.   Soothing Gel Masque  delivers comforting moisture and repair-support to any skin type in minutes with an instantly cooling high potency blend of hydrating Panthenol, calming Allantoin and ultra-soothing Sea Whip.

Problem: Over Exposed Skin

Solution #1: The first task is to calm the skin and reduce redness.  Soothing Gel Masque is top of my list for the job. Use this masque in the evening on clean skin, leave on for 15 - 20 minutes and gently remove with a cool washcloth. DO NOT exfoliate your skin at this time - you will only make matters worse and avoid clay based masks.

Solution #2: Speed up repair with high-powered treatment serums. Triple C & E Complex, our best selling product at the spa stimulates the creation of collage, evens out skin tones, keeps the pores clear and trains the skin to retain moisture.  Antioxidant Defense Complex (ADC) contains 18 antioxidants to defend your skin from internal and external free radical damage - the major cause of aging in all cells. With skin repairing peptides, Advanced Firming Complex is another great choice as a stand alone or combined with Triple C or ADC. Our most powerful repairing complex, Cell Youth Actif is so amazing that I have a whole page devoted to it!  Click here to learn more about Cell Youth Actif.

Solution #3: Take advantage of your skin’s natural night time repair process!  When your skin is inflamed, irritated and tender due to over exposure it is essential to go to bed with clean, treated skin.

Here is a great night time routine:  gently cleanse, 1 pump Cell Repair Serum of your choice, generous layer of Oil Free Hydrator.  Then lock in your  renewal and hydrating treatments with a nice layer of the right moisturizer for your skin. 

Renee Iverson Skin Therapy moisturizers range from oil free lotions to thick, rich emollient creams for oil depleted skin, and everything in between. For oily skin I recommend Soothe and Defend  Hydragel. Combination skin loves Moisture Replenishing Creme while normal skin needs Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Fluid. For dry skin try Continuous Moisture Creme or Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Creme. We also have cremes designed for sensitive, rosacea and compromised skin. No sure which one is right for you?  We have Travel Sizes of all our products so you can try them to find just the right solution for your skin.