Time Reversal Collection - The Best of Science & Nature

We are living in a great age in the evolution of skin repair and rejuvenation! Now you can experience the transformative power of targeted professional strength ingredients at home with this amazing Mountain Sun Skin Therapy collection of multi-functional concentrates designed to firm, redensify, lift and illuminate your skin. From nature's carob seed and garden sprout to the targeted niacinimide and multi-lifting peptides, the Time Reversal Collection is getting amazing results at all ages:

  • 20's - TRC Eye Serum contains essential ingredients for the delicate skin around the eye.  Great for protection from aging for young adults, this serum also contains architectural peptides to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for skin of all ages.
  • 30's - The TRC line will nourish 30 year old skin with ingredients that target the cells before the effects of damage are visible.
  • 40's - Address the first signs of visible aging in your 40's with state-of-the-art ingredients to keep the skin calm, the eye area firm and facial contours lifted.
  • 50's and above - Calm, nourish, repair and protect maturing skin while visibly firming and energizing with multifunctional ingredients.

Time Reversal Complex - total age correcting serum

Transform your skin with 10 synergistic time reversal technologies.  This serum is designed to target the visible signs of aging while protecting from aspects of our daily lives that cause tissues to deteriorate.  Your skin will be visibly lifted, volumized, silky smooth and illuminated.  Over time skin's architecture is restored and contours more defined.     ($120   1.7 ounces - 200 pumps per bottle)

Total Eye Renewal - illuminate, contour, lift

This amazing serum does it all, but what is really revolutionary is that is uses Liposhield technology to protet you from the technology of modern life.  Now you can shield your delicate eye area from the skin aging light emitted by smart phones, tablets, computer screens and other sources of high energy visible light.  In addition, this multifunctional serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, loss of volume and firmness in the lower and upper eyelid.  ($48    .5 ounces - 75 pumps per bottle)

Three Serum-Potency TRC Moisturizers

TRC Smooth & Refine - surface refining moisturizer

Skin Types and Conditions:  All Skin Types

Smooth away and refine surface imperfections with non-acid bio-resurfacing technology.  Revive clarity, smoothness and luminosity while revealing younger looking, fresh skin without the irritation of Alpha or Beta Hydroxy acids. Designed to gently encourage cellular turnover while calming and hydrating the skin, Refiner lifts away dull and old pigment revealing softer, luminously re-energized skin. Refiner also contains architectural and barrier repair peptides to lift contours and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  ($79    1.7 ounces - 200 pumps per bottle)

TRC Clear & Restore - clarifying treatment moisturizer

Skin Types and Conditions:  Normal to Oily Skin, Pigmented Skin of all Types

Harness the power of niacinimide )vitamin B) to regulate oil, and provide potent anti-inflammatory action for a firmer, calmer, well hydrated and clear complexion. Finally an anti-aging formula that is designed for acne-prone reactive skin!  This serum contains natural plant phytoretinoids that mimic the power of retinol's multiple age-corrective benefits without the irritation seen in dermatology-strength Retinoids. This serum also reduces visible pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles as well as building skin architecture and contours.  ($79   1.7 ounces - 200 pumps per bottle)

TRC Firm & Repair - redensifying treatment moisturizer

Skin Types and Conditions:  Dry to Extra Dry Skin, Mature Skin

Specifically formulated for prematurely aged and matrue skin that is dry and dehydrated, Redensifier works to create a healthy barrier, lift and define contours, illuminate, volumize and protect existing tissues.  Your depleted tissues will bounce back and signs of redness are rapidly reduced as the skin's healthy glow returns and volume and resilience increase.   ($84     1.7 ounces - 200 pumps per bottle)